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10 dumb things IT PINOY's do to mess their computers!

a spin-off from TechRepublic's "10 dumb things users do that can mess up their computers," this focuses on the IT PINOY's of course!

1) walang power-supply: it's a good thing that compared to 10yrs ago, almost all PINOY's today have computers @ home. the sad thing though is that many are still ignorant of using uninterrupted power supplies. in a country where brown-outs is a frequent phenomenon, it is not hard to believe that many pc's get's f-up because it's connected directly to a power outlet.

2) surfing without firewalls: i might give IT PINOY's another slap here but technically given that we are a still considered young in the IT field, i guess it's fine for now. but this shouldn't be an excuse, we IT PINOY's should realize the value of securing our machines. i remember when i was in utah, we had this common business center where the pc's are shared to everyone. my friend and i realized that the machines were actually being hacked by one of the tenants and was actually retrieving all of the passwords and credit card info's entered by the users. they probably didn't know that we're programmers and that we'd know their scheme, so one day we posted notices on the room that the users should be aware when using the hacked machines.

3) anti-virus/spyware: another important component any IT PINOY pc should have. most of us have been cornered by these malicious viruses which most of the time (from what i've gathered) IT PINOY's end up reformatting their machines for failure to find any cure to the virus... lame! we should now learn the value of securing our machines. purchasing licensed anti-virus softwares (or any software @ that!) is a good investment, it would actually help us save more in the long run. stop piracy - IT PINOY's!

4) install ng install tapos ina-uninstall! if you're not sure what you're installing, if most of the tools you wish to install are beta, if you'll only going to use it once, i suggest you not install it anymore. what happens is that it leaves imprints (garbage) into your registry and you might have issues with the disk fragmentation later.

5) system maintenance and disk fragmentation. connected to #4, it wouldn't hurt if we defrag our disks and run scan disks every month, this way we can fully utilize our disk spaces and ensure that it would look cleaner and avoid lost clusters etc. which happens most of the time when our desktops encounter abrupt shutdowns.

6) uy may attachment, ano kaya ito? as they say, curiosity killed the cat. again, i'll reiterate, if you're unsure on some things do not click and open them. for all we know these are scripts or executables that can damage your system! beware of files whose extension are: .bat, .exe , .jar, esp those that you're not familiar with. better when opening an attachment, just right click and save them first! this way you'll know what format is it and you have a chance to check the file you're dealing with.

7) click ng click! related to #6, usually when browsing we encounter lot's of banners and pop-ups that oftentimes carry viruses or worms that could get into our system. be careful what you click, baka mapaso ka!

8) too generous of a heart! now there's nothing wrong in sharing, but it is still best that you set permissions to your system folders and files.

9) ang cute ng password ko! oh please, it wouldn't hurt also to put some difficulty in your passwords. when you are told not to use your names, ages, birthdays in your passwords, that's because those who advised you to do so knows the implication of setting easy to remember passwords. kung ang cellphones nga nag-autolock, what's more important than securing your personal and valuable information? greedy people can use this against you.

10) backup and recovery plan! okay, CDR king is a big business now, you might want to visit them. the disk drives are way much cheaper compared to a few years back. it would be good to keep backup of your files. parang investments din ito, do not put all your money in one bank, it's better to be cautious and vigilant!

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