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Language, Learning, Identity, Privilege, Python, C, and Java

James Soriano's “Language, learning, identity, privilege” article on Manila Bulletin recently became the most talked about topic by PINOYs and netizens alike. the article gained mixed criticisms from everyone, even caught the eye of an IT person. 
Evolution of Programming Languages

choosing not to dwell and add insult to what James' wrote, Brainless Entertainment's Arielle B. Cruz in reply wrote "Hindi Ingles and Wika ng mga Filipinong Marunong" (translated, "English is not the Language of Intelligent Filipinos") and chose to highlight his own daily work dealings, which allowed him to excel and be recognized in his own field - using the Filipino language.  

"Ang sa akin lang: kung ang batayan ni Soriano ay ang kaniyang mga karanasan sa pakikipaghalubilo sa mga dalubhasa, sana ay naisip din muna niya na may ibang karanasan ang ibang tao sa ganoong bagay, bago siya sumulat ng isang artikulong pawang pangkalahatan," (roughly translates to - Soriano shouldn't have generalized his concept of intelligence based on his own experience alone since all of us have our own experiences as well), said Arielle.

he later on added, "Kamakailan lang, bumisita ako sa isang security expert... Napakasensitibo ng sistemang ito kaya't kinailangan naming makapanayam pa ang ibang eksperto. Lahat ng pag-uusap namin ay sa wikang Filipino."

what PILIPINAS.IT sees in Arielle's article is that english alone is not needed to deal with intelligent people to discuss intelligent matters, nor would measure your intelligence. in Arielle's case, they spoke Filipino, because this is probably where they feel most comfortable with while expressing theirs thoughts and ideas.

Arielle's clincher was this last statement, "Para sa akin, ang wika ng mga taong talagang marunong ay Python." (for me, the true language of intelligent people is Python)

for the non-IT PINOYs, Python is a computer programming language.

we previously posted the 10 most popular programming languages, see an updated list via, which lists Java, C, C++ as the top three most popular as of September 11, 2011.

now to say that Python is the (programming) language of intelligent people... ehem! sorry bro, this requires a totally new thread! will the C, Java, C++, Perl, Ruby, Groovy and all the other programmers please - stand up! :)

*image nabbed from's "Evolution of Programming Languages"


  1. LOL! Of course, it was never my intention to cause another PL flamewar. =)


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