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2011 Year-ender and Memories Lookback (YAML): A PILIPINAS.IT Review

YEAR: 2011  
description: 2011 YAML (Year-ender and Memories Lookback) is a consolidated tech news posted here on PILIPINAS.IT for 2011 (in YAML format)! :P
   - title: Who is Tim Cook 
     description: Apple names Tim Cook as next head 
   - title: Apple's WWDC 2011 
     description: Apple launches iCloud, OSX Lion and iOS5 
   - title: Apple Unveils iPad 2
     description: Apple's latest tablet revealed!
   - title: Samsung Galaxy Note
     description: Samsung could be the top competitor of Apple with tablets
   - title: Amazon Launches Latest Kindle, Touch, and Kindle Fire
     description: Amazon improved on its Kindle, launches Kindle Fire
   - title: Motorola Xoom
     description: biggest news in CES2011
   - title: Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Arrives!
     description: the kewlest-looking tablet among the rest!
   - title: Facebook New Profile - Timeline (Story of Your Life)
     description:  Facebook introduces timelines and subscriptions
   - title: YouTube Shows Off New Look
     description: YouTube hopes to look social-network-looking site  
   - title: RIP
     description: Steve Jobs, Dennis Ritchie, Ilya Zhitomirskiy
   - title: More RIPs
     description: HP webOS and TouchPad, Friendster, Google Buys Motorola
   - title: Apple Reveals iPhone 4S with Siri
     description: no iPhone 5, but hello Siri
   - title: Google Maps' "My Location," PostSecret, Starbucks Cup Magic Apps 
     description: reveals location, secrets, and an augmented reality
   - title: Blogger Dynamic Views
     description: now offers HTML5 for its members
    - title: WikiLeaks Releases 3071 Cables on Philippines
      description: includes "Kenney's Diaries: WikiLeaks' Cables about the Philippines," - disturbing!
    - title: YouTube Worldview Interviews Philippine President Aquino
      description: YouTube interviews PNoy
    - title: New Philippine Sites
      description:  YouTube Philippines official site, CBCP's World Youth Day, Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene Live Stream
    - title: Cyber Security
      description: more Philippine Government websites found vulnerable to hacking, but not a priority by the government, good thing we got ethical hackers
    - title: TV 5, GMA 7, and ABS-CBN 2 Bosses Speaks of Technology as Game Changer
      description: top TV execs see technology as a game changer @ the AdCon22
    - title: New Philippine Apps/Tools
      description: MMDA's IOS Traffic Navigator App, ABS-CBN News On-the-go, Google People Finder for Sendong Victims, and IPOWOW's play in the Ms. Universe 2011
    - title: Philippines and Social Network sites
      description: Philippines is now the Social Networking Capital of the World,  ranks 8th with the most number of facebook users!
    - title: Just Plain Cool

      description: LG Optimus Hyper Facade in Berlin, Microsoft's "Productivity Future Vision," AI vs AI, Google's G-Male, Japan's Water Printer, Marco Tempest, and Google Engineer's Proposal via Google Maps
    - title: Japan Earthquake Viral Videos (3-11-11)
      description: consolidated YouTube videos of the Japan earthquake

    - title: Microsoft Windows 8
      description: a peek into Microsoft Windows 8 
    - title: Fun Ways to Use Social Networks

      description: Edsa People Power I As Told Through Facebook (25th anniv), Manny Pacquiao, KO'd on Twitter
    - title: Philippine Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago Twitter Jokes
      description: who would forget Sen. Mirriam's twitter jokes?
    - title: DPWH 'Overeager' Employee Suspended Over Fake Photos
      description: how about this meme
    - title: Meet the Pinoy Siri: Introducing VANGIE
      description: still looking for an alternative for SIRI? check out VANGIE :)
    - title: Lolo Matias and Lola Aurelia's Reunion
      description: probably the most touching story this year
    - title: Language, Learning, Identity, Privilege, Python, C, and Java
      description: which is the language of the learned?
    - title: "Angry Birds" Tops Google Search in the Philippines for 2011
      description: check out what PINOYs have been searching on the web this 2011
    - title: Twitter Top Trends  
      description: Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT), CGMA served w/ warrant of arrest
    - title: Live Streams
      description: Pacquiao vs Mosley, Pacquiao vs Marquez, Philippine Azkals

YEAR: 2012
description: What will 2012 offer us PINOYs next? Abangan! :)

PS. to those not familiar with YAML, it's time to buckle up and learn it this 2012! check out


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