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Did the Minions Speak Filipino?

did the Minions just speak the Filipino tagalog words - "narito na" and "ikot?"

how about this one which sounds like "eh baboy?"

according to (via Trivia Mania), "Minions use a bit of Spanish, English, French, Greek, Korean, Japanese, and even Filipino." Despicable Me producer John Cohen was also quoted, "A lot of times it sounds like it’s gibberish, a lot of times you hear a little bit of French. You hear all kinds of languages being incorporated into the way they speak..."

for sure these Minions are so cute PINOYs will flock to watch Despicable Me 2. Lists Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines

IT PINOYs and rest of the Philippine work force, who are interested to know whether their current salaries are competitive or not, will find this report from useful 

Jobstreet lists the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines, which shows an averaged salary per specialization per level based on Jan 01-Mar 31, 2013 data.

Fresh Graduates earn an average of Php16K.

1-4 years of experience (junior execs), IT PINOYs averaged Php32K. 

5yrs and up (supervisors) - IT analysts are the highest paid averaging Php55K.

tech support managers are the top earners averaging Php115K

another tip to check if your current salary is competitive is to check with they also offer company culture reviews from current and past employees, which will help you to know more about the company you might be applying for.


Facebook Admits Exposing Over 6 Million Accounts

a security breach happened recently to around 6 million Facebook users as email addresses and telephone numbers were exposed due to a software bug.

the breach is found when users download their archives using "Download Your Information," the contact information - email address and phone numner - of up to 2nd-tier connections ("People you May Know") is included.  see what Facebook Security has to say;

At Facebook, we take people’s privacy seriously, and we strive to protect people’s information to the very best of our ability. We implement many safeguards, hire the brightest engineers and train them to ensure we have only high-quality code behind the scenes of your Facebook experiences. We even have teams that focus exclusively on preventing and fixing privacy-related technical issues before they affect you.

Even with a strong team, no company can ensure 100% prevention of bugs, and in rare cases we don’t discover a problem until it has already affected a person…

NBA Finals' Funny Memes

everyone including PINOYs witnessed how Miami Heat forced a Game 7 and finally winning the NBA Championship against San Antonio Spurs.

well PINOYs - humorous as they are - laughed at many web memes pertaining to the series.

check out Yahoo's "20 of the Funniest #NBAFinals memes."

see more []

Jobs' Official Trailer (Video)

check out official trailer of the Steve Jobs' movie starring Ashton Kutcher. the movie details Apple's Steve Jobs' ascension from college dropout into one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century.

Instagram Adds Video Feature

PINOY Instagrammers can now share their life's moments way better.Instagram, the hit photo-sharing tool has introduced video as one of its new features.

described as "everything you love in Instagram - and it moves," the new feature focus on simplicity, beauty and community.

over the past 2.5 years, Instagram has become a community where you can capture and share the world's moments.  some of these however need more than plain and static image to come to life. this is similar to Vine which offers short video services.


Jose Rizal Speech in Soundcloud

the Philippine Government (govph) has just uploaded excerpts of Jose Rizal's speech in a banquet in the restaurant "Inggles" in Madrid in 1884. 

the speech was in honor of the success of Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo as men of arts. 

Audie Gemora read the piece, which originally appeared in Volume 1 of 20 Speeches That Moved a Nation

this is a must-hear for all PINOYs! listen and be in awe on how well-written and passionate this speech was by our National Hero.

Facebook Now Allows Photo Comments

are you tired of your Facebooktext comments? Facebook has just rolled out photo comments, a new feature that allows you to comment on posts with images rather than words. 

originally built during a Facebook employee Hackathon, you can upload photos to serve as your comments. it is said that this feature will be rolled out soon globally as well as in the Facebook mobile site.


The Forge: For Anybody Hurting (Video)

a brother honors his sister (who committed suicide) with this touching video in Youtube. share it, you might help someone else.

Tanya Lim committed suicide, leaving her little brother money to make a film. to bring creation from destruction, he made THE FORGE, an emotional, anti-suicide message in which a man battles his inner demon in a fight for his life.

LiveMap Brings Motobike Helmet with Navigation

the future motorbike drivers might soon be exciting as LiveMap is looking to fund a project that would bring built-in navigation and augmented reality into helmets.

the motorbike helmet, which is currently listed on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, comes with technology and features so powerful only fighter pilots currently have access and is backed up by the Moscow Department of Science.

so we can all imagine a motorbike helmet with Google Map, right? :)


Happy Fathers Day (Keyframe Video)

sharing with you this amazing keyframe video by KicsterAsh.. in celebrating hero's in our lives - our Dads!  

do not forget to let them them know that they're loved today. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

16 Ways to Watch NBA Finals (Live Stream)

Are you a Pinoy Developer? Join the Manila Dev Challenge

all IT PINOYs and developers are encouraged to join's Manila Dev Challenge on July 20, 2013 and get a chance to win P100K.

Manila Dev Challenge aims to trigger the minds of the participants in order to solve problems under time pressure. 

Who can Join? 
- the competition is open to IT PINOYs residing in the Philippines and who can attend the finals in Metro Manila.
- participants may only enter as individual
- need to register before the start of the Online Code Challenge
- you should have a solid background in the different core areas of computer science - software engineering, data structures, software design and programming languages

How to Register?
sign up on the Manila Coding Challenge website using either your Freelancer or Facebook accounts

Online Code Challenge (Preliminaries)
contest problems will be available by July 20 at 12pm and will close at 8pm

for more information or questions, please contact or visit []

Superman and the Power of Technology

moviegoers such as us, PINOYs, love to watch movies/tv, especially those with great special effects, such as in the latest Superman Movie, Man of Steel.

check below the Man of Steel - Behind the Scenes featurette and be in awe.

well, we ought to thank technology for these great movies - for impossible things seems real these days! :)

New Myspace is Cool!

the new Myspacewas launched today, and the change was BIG. first off they're dropping the capital "S" and the goal now is more of making music more "social." meet the new Myspace!

MySpacewas a previously thriving social-networking site (of course prior to the Facebook era). in 2012 they became a "music-discovery service" with the support of US pop icon Justin Timberlake.  

User Interface - follows modern web design, uses horizontal scroll pattern same as in Windows 8 (might be a technique aligning them to this template). it includes news feeds from other users and artists, with a high-resolution cover image (where you can also use a live wallpaper) or correspond the artist's profile as you scroll over your playback queue

Profile Setting - allows you to choose your identity and your login profile can be aligned with you Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Music and Mixes - its easier to find artists and create mixes (or playlists), plus you can also share a …

Apple - Making a difference. One app at a time

"Each iOS app offers remarkable — and often delightful — possibilities. But the most powerful iOS apps ever are ones that change people's lives in ways they never imagined." - Apple

Apple especially in the past decade has truly reached many people via their varying technologies, iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad etc.. but how much really have they changed the way people live?  check this video creates by Apple 

Facebook Gets Hashtag Support

Facebook users can now use Hashtags (#) to filter and better organize their timeline content.  

it was in 2007 when Chris Messina used hashtags. Twitter eventually adopted the system to filter tweets based on certain topics. since then, the hashtag has been adopted by other services, including Flickr, Tumblr, Google+ and even Facebook-owned Instagram.

Meet the Apple iOS 7 (Official Video)

raring to see how Apple iOS 7 looks like? check this official video and tell us what you think about it?

Apple iOS 7 was introduced in yesterday's annual Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC).

Happy 115th Philippine Independence Day

in celebration of the 115th Philippine Independence Day, check this fully animated video of the National Anthem created by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) and Rock Ed Radio to all PINOYs around the world.

the video was animated and directed by Arnold Arre and  accompanied by the Radioactive Sago Project

Note from Rock Ed Radio: We allow use and downloading of this video especially for purposes of ceremony. Anyone can screen this video as accompaniment to a flag ceremony, a closing rite, etc. If your school, corporation, event, company, family, would like to use this video, we only request that you do so with the proper nod to the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines and that you acknowledge the artists involved in the production of this video. If user of this video is found not abiding by the Heraldic Law, kindly report to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines for proper action.

Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan! Be Proud to be PINOYs!

Pampangeno Hackatheletes Win AngelHack Manila

a young team from pampanga technically just "hacked their way to Silicon Valley" winning the grand prize in the just concluded AngelHack Manila (leg)

besting around 250 fellow developers, the group comprised of the following IT PINOYs - Rolly Rulete, Raymund Delfin, Marvin Consuegra, Mio Galang, and Jay Albano (all working for Lifebit), developed Pagesnapp - a service that enables creation of mobile apps based on their official Facebook pages. 

"It’s like a dream come true, yes," said Rolly Rulete. 

the team now will be included in the Silicon Valley Accelerator Program (for mentorship), be flown into San Francisco USA and get a chance to take home $100K in prizes.  

check the applications developed by the rest of the "hackatheletes" here --

AngelHack, is the biggest hackathon competition in the world which includes around 6000 hackers in 30 cities around the world.

good luck IT PINOYs! bet you'll make the coun…

Apple Introduces IOS 7

Apple has just suit up a new and improved look via launching IOS 7 in Apple's annual Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC).

here are some of the said changes:

IOS 7 sports a thinner, cleaner font (Helvetica Neue Ultra). Application icons are flatter, and for the first time in Apple OS history, the lock screen has changed.  

it also allows multi-tasking and claims improvement in battery consumption. their safari browser now opens in full screen mode with a unified smart search field.  

meanwhile, the camera app now lets you swipe between camera types and has added filter for searching.  

users can now also share photos and videos via AirDrop, an iCloud photo-sharing tool.  you will also now be introduced to iTunes Radio (similar to Pandora). finally, SIRI's got a new voice as well as support for other languages (such as french and german).

nope, there were no phone changes as previously predicted but they also introduced MacBook Air laptops, thinner and with faster processors, …

Beware of New Android Trojan

Kaspersky, one of the top IT security organizations has reportedly discovered the "most sophisticated" android trojan yet.

known as "Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a" it is able to send SMS to premium-rate numbers, download, install, and infect the device (and other devices via bluetooth) with malware, and remotely perform commands in the console.

"One feature of this Trojan is that the malicious application cannot be deleted once it has gained administrator privileges: by exploiting a previously unknown Android vulnerability, the malicious application enjoys extended privileges, but is not listed as an application with Device Administrator privileges," said Kaspersky Lab Expert Roman Unuchek.

we know that there are lots of PINOYs using android devices, so be aware and please share.

read more @ []

DomiCopter Delivers Pizza to Your Homes

proving that it’ll try anything short of making tasty pizza in order to get you to buy its pizza, Domino’s has uploaded this video to its U.K. and Republic of Ireland YouTube account. see the latest delivery innovation from Domino’s. The DomiCopter – taking deliveries to new heights. 

read more: []

Game of Thrones: Red Wedding Reactions

just like the rest who have read the book, many PINOYs were *shocked* by the recent events in HBO's Game of Thrones.. check out how the rest of the viewers took the "Red Wedding." (Spoler Alert)

2 Pinays win AngelHack Singapore - Spring 2013 Hackathon

two PINAYs along with their Singaporean friend recently won the AngelHack Singapore - Spring 2013 Hackathon, via app - $hootN$ell, an application that allows users to buy and sell products via an Instagram-like interface.

the lone all-girls team in the competition, Michie Ang and Rubi Santa Cruz, Filipina mobile developers, and their Singaporean teammate, Dee Tan, beat out hundreds of other hackers from all over Asia to win the grand prize of over $30,000; credits and products from various sponsors; a chance to pitch at JamAsia 2013; and a 12-week mentoring program before flying out to Silicon Valley to pitch their start-up to investors and major tech companies.

"I wanted to pursue ($hootN$ell) coz I love to design and with this app, I'd be able to showcase what I can do," Rubi said.

"The idea in the app itself is being able to utilize these social networking sites in promoting your items. Diba sayang naman di tau nakakabenta ng stuff using twitter, considering na it i…

Meet GMail's New Inbox

Gmail has just released changes by adding filters (in the form of tabs) to group social, updates, promotions, and forums, which hopes to improve how we receive and read our emails. 

daily we receive messages from friends, social notifications, deals/offers, confirmations/receipts, and more. all of these emails can compete for our attention and make it harder to focus on the things we need to get done. 

sometimes it feels like our inboxes are controlling us, rather than the other way around. now we can easily customize our inboxes - select the tabs you want from all five to none, drag-and-drop to move messages between tabs, set certain senders to always appear in a particular tab and star messages so that they also appear in the Primary tab.