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The Pinoy Selfie

PINOYs love taking photos.

you are in a group dinner. they just served your fav sizzling tuna, sweet-and-sour pork and salted crab.  you realize you have to capture this, you got your smartphone and asked your friend to take a picture of you with the food. you post them in Instagram with the text, "Yummy!" (your friends like it, drools over, and comment)
you try out a fantastic dress you plan to wear on your friend's birthday, you take a shot and post it on Facebook tagging your friend saying, "I'm ready to parrrtyyy!" (your friends see this, likes it, and comment)
you just got out of the gym all sweaty, after months of working out you wanted to show off your now bulging muscles and abs. you take pride of your accomplishment, facing the mirror, a self-portrait and a post in Twitter is in order (your friends see this and tags it as their favorite)
under the scorching sun, piƱa-colada on your left hand, and the blue waves of Boracay in the background, you look up…

Top 50 Pinoy Celebrities on Twitter

People Asia's National Sweetheart, the very beautiful and often wacky Anne Curtis recently gathered 5M followers on Twittermaking her the most famous PINOY celeb on the social network site (even besting other foreign celebs).  

check out below the top 50 PINOY celebs on Twitter listed by, which you might want to follow as well :)
Anne Curtis-Smith (@annecurtissmith) - 5,014,734 followersAngel Locsin (@143redangel) - 3,399,489Jose Marie Viceral (@vicegandako) - 3,022,859Angelica Panganiban (@IamAngelicaP) - 2,999,613KC Concepcion (@kc_concepcion) - 2,764,855Sam Milby (@samuelmilby) - 2,693,938Luis Manzano (@luckymanzano) - 2,583,818Cristine Reyes (@mscristinereyes) - 2,521,090MYX Philippines (@MYXphilippines) - 2,502,667Bianca Gonzalez (@iamsuperbianca) - 2,487,399Nikki Gil (@nikkigil) - 2,352,728Iya Villania (@iyavillania)  - 2,289,280Kim Atienza (@kuyakim_atienza) - 2,184,584It's A Teen Thing! (@ohteenquotes) - 2,171,601kathryn bernardo (@bernardokath) - 2,055,…

Philippine Economy Snapshot Under PNoy's Term

the recent State of the Nation Address (SONA) by Philippine President Benigno Aquino III highlighted his accomplishments so far.  more than three years in the office, the Philippines now boasts of the fastest growth rate in the region, a low budget deficit that helped it earn its first ever investment grade, and more jobs.

check out this report by Rappler showing where the Philippine economy stood when Aquino assumed office and what has changed since.

see the whole text of the President's speech here:

The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer Premiers at Comic-Con 2013

AMC has released the latest trailer from of The Walking Dead Season 4. Will Rick and his group at the prison be safe from the walkers outside, not to mention The Governor (David Morrissey) who is still on the loose? 

take a look at the latest footage and stay tuned for more updates on this upcoming season from Comic-Con 2013.

BIR Files Tax Evasion versus dotPH

the Philippine Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) recently filed tax evasion cases against dotPH (, the country’s internet domain name registry.

along with dotPH  also charged were its corporate officers Ma. Milagros M. Casas (president 2009-2012), Estelita G. Arada (treasurer 2009-2011), and Jonalyn S. Quesada (treasurer 2012). they have been accused of four counts of willful attempt to evade or defeat payment of income tax for the years 2009 to 2012 and for deliberate failure to supply correct and accurate information in its Annual Income Tax Returns (ITRs) for taxable years 2009 to 2012.

it was revealed that Domain Merchandising Services Inc. (DMSI) or dotPH, deliberately under-declared their taxable income by P25.75M (or 268% in 2009); P40.74M (or 370% in 2010), P41.33M (or 421% in 2011); and P36.45M (or 362% in 2012).

dotPH is the official domain registry of the Philippines. they offer .ph,, and domain registration and other web services.  the…

Safe Internet Banking (Beware of Identity Theft)

would you panic while internet crooks take over your personal details and your life? put one real victim through the test. they literally scared the hell out of him by gradually taking over his life using shared information (in social media sites) and web footprints. urges people to be vigilant and never to share personal and banking information by mail or by telephone. 
see more []

IT PINOYs Urged to Join the 'Philippine Transit App Challenge'

"Big problems need small solutions - and lots of them!"

Philippines especially the Metro Manila have been plagued with traffic ever since (it was even mentioned in Dan Brown's Inferno novel). it's about time somebody put an effort and provide helpful solutions.

the Department of Transport and Communications (DOTC), in partnership with the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and Cebu City Government, is hosting the Philippine Transit App Challenge.

all IT PINOYs are invited to develop apps based on the following public data: regularly updated geographic location and service information for all buses, jeepney, and rail routes in Metro Manila, as well as live traffic incident data streams in Manila and Cebu.  the target specs include calculation of the best route and fare, transit accessibility, knowing and sharing of incidents, adapting to route changes, and to help visitors in navigating the city.

the competition starts on July-2 @ the University of Philippines'…

Apple Introduces iWork for iCloud

iWork has always been the best way to be productive on the Apple Mac. iWork for iOS made it easy to create beautiful documents on iPad and iPhone. With iWork for iCloud, Apple is bringing Pages, Numbers, and Keynote to the web — on Mac,  and PC and can readily be synced with all your iOS/Apple devices.

Apple is currently putting in the finishing touches on the iWork for iCloud apps and will be available on Just log in from your browser on your Mac or PC to get started. All the documents you create will be saved in iCloud, and any changes you make will automatically reflect in the iWork apps on your iOSdevices and your Mac.