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RIP Robin Williams

rip robin williams -
you made us :) now you made us :( 

Over 50 Ways to Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 Live Stream (FREE)

PILIPINAS.IT once again show full support to the PINOY-pride Manny Pacquiao. our champ is out to redeem himself and will try to rise up once more, this time against Timothy Bradley.

Are you an EXPERT?

here's something to make any IT PINOY's day.  those in the information technology industry surely would relate to this video."The Expert" is a funny sketch about an engineer, along with his boss and the clients, and how he is committed to achieve a-seem-to-be-impossible-and-vague-task. 

it shows that management would want to get the client and thus avoid saying "no" to requirements, the clients get anxious whether the engineer (team) can do what they ask, and that most often than not, the clients didn't really know what they wanted in the first place, yet expected things to be done, just because we are "experts."

the viral vid was written and directed by Lauris Beinerts and was based on a short story, "The Meeting" by Alexey Berezin, see more details [here]

PINOY OFWs Beware of New E-Mail Scam

an email scam has been recently reported targeting the PINOY Overseas Contract Workers (OFWs). 

the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) advised everyone to ignore emails telling them they have qualified and may apply as a nurse or caregiver at the Canadian Virtual Hospice in Winnipeg, Canada.  

the said email further added that applying for the job does not have hidden charges and that the employer will shoulder the airfare, work permit fee, and working visa (sounds interesting huh?). now the catch... the candidate is told to pay at a designated Western Union and/or LBC account, for the coaching and medical exam fees and to reserve a slot at the embassy for the coaching seminar. 

its unnerving how some take advantage of people who are just trying to earn a better and honest living.  please share this, be aware.  

read more [].

Getting Started with PhantomJS - A New Journey Begins! [Book Review]

Being in IT for almost two decades now I am perhaps lucky to have witnessed the growth of this industry.  More so, I am glad to see the "rebirth" of Java Scripting for front-end development in the recent years.  But ask any front-end developer and one thing they dreaded most was testing these web pages and Java Scripts.  PhantomJS - however is a game changer!
//Say Hello with PhantomJS  console.log('Hello, world!'); phantom.exit();
PhantomJSprovides "headless" testing of web applications. Wait, what did I mean with headless? When you are typing a URL from the browser, it essentially creates a request and the response is reflected on the page.  PhantomJSactually does the same thing, EXCEPT we don't need to wait for it to be rendered before our eyes! Probably this is how it got its name :)
PhantomJSalso can dynamically capture/render pages as images, allow manipulation of page content/event,  gain access to network-level information, and ability to save import…

Happy New Year!!!